Saturday, October 3, 2009


Pictography is ancient Indian art where pigment is "painted" onto a wall. A petrographic is where the designed is etched into the rock by use of another rock.

Finding these on canyon walls is a wonderful treasure hunt. Trying to figure out what the figures and designs represent is a mystery to solve. What do you see in these pictures?


Scott O'Farrell said...

This would be fun to explore.

David Arment said...

Hi Scott,

From what I understand these are likely Navajo pictographs. This is because there is color used here and is painting on rock as opposed to chipping the picture into the rock. Obviously you can see a rainbow and some four legged animals. The other "people" are maybe Shaman, who are like medicine men who danced around people when they are sick. I tried to get a park ranger to show a bunch of us, but he declined.