Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maple Syrup Cooker

Another posting less about photography and more about life in Northern Indiana...

A few posts ago we showed the maple trees being tapped in our woods for sap. Pam (my wife) talked to the Amish man who is tapping the trees on Friday and got over to his place with one of the cameras (the Nikon). She took this picture of the cooker.

You can see the wood to the right... the cooker is wood fired. It sits out in the open. Pam says this is a small cooker. The Amish guy said the cooker was made locally, in Honeyville, which is a wide place in the road hereabouts.

Pam tasted the maple syrup and also tasted the hardened maple syrup from the bottom which is a candy... sugar candy she thinks is what it is called... and she said they both were delicious.

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