Monday, June 3, 2013

Alaska, Day 4, The RV

Parked for the night.

Ray Yoder asked to see a picture of the RV, so this post is for Ray.

We got a nice spot in this park because it had been windy all day long and we had fought the wind driving. This spot was right next to a mountain and back in the woods so we didn't have any wind. We were (are) early enough in the season that we have not had to worry about camping spots.

This is Glacier National Park. Because we are 24.5 feet long we could not go over the pass in the park. You have to be under 21 feet. And the bus carrying folks didn't start until later in the year, so we missed a big part of Glacier National Park... at least going North.

Also, as you can see we use plastic leveling blocks when needed to get us level. And you can see the slide out is "out".

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