Monday, August 5, 2013

Pam in Hope AK

Here is a picture of Pam in Hope, AK, about a month ago. She has on her coat and I remember it was a pretty cool and damp day.

Pam is the perfect RV'er. She always has something figured out to eat. She is always flexible. But at one point she said she was home-sick so we started our way home. Then she got sick and we accelerated our trip home. And then she got well so we went by the manufacturing plant where the RV was made and had them take care of various and sundry things... like a fresh water tank that had come loose and was banging against the drive shaft. I had done a really good "duct tape" job on it that I was sure to get the attention and comments from the RV techs.... but no one commented on my wonderful work which held the tank in place (or at least I think it did).

Hope is a really small town and WAY off the beaten path. It seemed to me we drove UP a long way to get there and when we arrived there was a big lake. The day after we arrived I realized it was not a lake because the tied had gong out... so it was really an ocean inlet.

Hope came into being during the gold rush. I don't know what has kept it alive since then.

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