Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amish Buggy and Split Rail Fence

This is an older picture. I dug it out and worked with it this month. I like the black and white version which is below in the "advertisement".

The picture immediately above is desaturated with the use of a Topaz labs plug in "ReStyle". The original photo has the trees dark and the buggy blends into the background a bit too much. So the "greens" are not true, but overall it is a better picture than the original.

I also do a lot of straightening. This buggy was going up hill a little in real life, but I evened out the slope because it just bugs me a little when things are not level.

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Photography Prints

Monday, December 30, 2013

Yellow Flowers with Texture

My wife tells me these are "buttercups". She doesn't like them because she is not partial to yellow.

I do like them and go past this picture in my browsing through photos. So I finally decided to do something with it. The bokin was nice, but you could not separate the flower that is suppose to be the subject from the others so I tried to make them less of a factor with the texture.

More on bokeh  http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Learn-And-Explore/Article/h0ndz86v/bokeh-for-beginners.html

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Small Indiana Hawk

Indiana 2013

My wife is a naturalist.  It is fun to talk to her about whatever it is that she is reading. Yesterday she was reading a book about moths. She is the only person I know who has read an entire book about moths.

So when I take a picture of a bird I then ask her to look at it and tell me what the bird is. She tells me this is a juvenile red tail hawk. She would know.

All I know is he was very patient with me. At one point he looked at me and was sizing me up to determine if I could be lunch. I could see it in his eyes.

Luke 3

Two posts today!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Amish Buggy and Star Barn, Winter 2013

Alvin Miller told me his daughter painted this star on the barn. I believe everything Alvin says.

This barn, as you know if you live around here is just on the town limits. I like this barn and have several pictures of it.

This picture is taken from the grade school parking lot waaaay down at the end. The texture was used to cover up the pavement in the foreground and the "junk" on the left side of the frame and to minimize the chain link fence on the right.

When this buggy went by one of the people had their face plastered against the window. They were very excited to get their picture taken, which ain't suppose to happen. So here I am trying to avoid taking the pictures of Amish faces and this time it was not working out. So I tried to clone the larger window from the smaller ones, but it didn't work well, so I simply eliminated the window. If you are Amish this may bother you. If you are English you wouldn't notice. And if you are reading this my bet is you are "English".

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cardinal in Winter

Male Cardinal in evergreen bush Winter 2013

We had the tree limbs trimmed away from our house so that there would be less chance of them falling on the place in the future, during a storm. The guy who did the work was initially not too excited about it. Somehow he got inspired and started cutting down all the limbs on all the trees. We didn't mind, at least not at the time.

Later we realized our bird watching was going to be limited because there were many fewer limbs for the birds to sit upon. So now we are watching birds in the evergreen bushes out front, which is where this fellow was caught.

Many of my male cardinal pictures lose the eye of the bird in his black mask. I like the fact his eye in this picture is very pronounced and shines for us.

Yoder's Christmas Trees

Normally I can remember where a picture was taken. I don't mean "generally speaking" I mean right where I was standing, the town the place, etc. My mind does not remember a great many things but for some reason I can look at a picture and generally tell you where the place is.

I have to say "generally speaking", because I do not remember where this picture was taken. I remember it was in Michigan. That's it.

But I love the old sign and the fact the telephone number does not have the area code. It is as if it exists for the neighbors who all know the local area code.

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus

This is a picture of Pam's little nativity scene. She sets it up every year at our house.

We don't do a tree anymore because we are old and no one would see it in our tiny little house but us. We are happy with the lights that Pam puts up and the many decorations she has around.

Pam loves lights especially Christmas Lights and she loves timers. Everything is on a timer. We have outside lights that go up the sidewalk to the driveway and they are on a timer. Many of the lights in the house are on timers. The Christmas lights are on timers. So we go to bed and they are still on.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus. Thank you that you love us all the time... your love is not on a timer.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Amish Buggy and Corn Crib Dec 2013

This is another picture taken off "The Pumpkin Vine" liner park. The road is W 250 N. (I will never get used to how they number streets in LaGrange County.) It is "Middlebury Street" when you are in Shipshe and the road runs to Middlebury.

As you can see the corn is in the bin and we are ready of a long winter... which is exactly what we seem to be having.

I'm told the buggies have some kind of heater in them. I'll ask about those and describe them for you in future posts.

I hope you are ready for Christmas!!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Buggy near Shipshe

Amish Buggy near Shipshewana, IN.

This picture is taken from "The Pumpkin Vine". If you live around here you would know what that means. There once was a rail road that connected the small towns around here. I guess it twisted and turned like a pumpkin vine does. The railroad was closed and the place where its tracks were was converted to a liner park. However with all the Amish it has become a second way to get to work by bicycle, so it is not only for recreation... which is good.

You have to have a long lens to be able to shoot across the farm fields to get pictures on the road.

The road here is so close to the house that no one recognizes this house when they see it pictured like this. The angle is wrong from the perspective of passing it in a car or buggy.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Wooden Bench and Log Cabin in Winter

This bench is outside one of the log cabins at David Rodger's Park, which is in LaGrange County Indiana.

The "chinking" in the logs is really that color. Some of the other cabins have "different" colors also.

This is a fun place to visit, so if you can find it and have some time then go.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Desert Lizard

It is amazing to me how well God designed this guy to blend into his surroundings. His coloring and the graininess and texture of his skin is perfect. He does cast a shadow which can't be helped. If he didn't move his predators would not know he is there.

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Sanilac MI

Some times "Black and White" simply works better than color. In this case there were too many things for your eye to look at and black and white forces your eye to look at the white tower.

This lighthouse is North of Detroit. We were there a couple of years ago over the weekend of St. Patrick's Day. They had a parade in the little town we stayed in and it was very entertaining in a "Barney of Mayberry" kind of way.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spider Making Web

My wife does not like this picture. She doesn't like spiders so it was an uphill battle from the beginning. I don't care for spiders either, but I like this one spinning a web out of his posterior as he climbs another thread.

The reason for the heavy texture is that in the background is doors and windows and other distracting items. The texture forces you to look at the central subject. I don't like using "this much" texture, but the shot more or less demands it.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Invasion of the White Barn Occupiers

This picture was hard. The bunny and the weird space ship were easy. Painting in the barn was hard.

Posting two pictures today!!!

This picture is one from the middle of the day. I used a Topaz labs plug in to convert it to night and then masked out most of the foreground night lighting.

This picture has many elements. The alien space craft is one flame. It has been duplicated and flipped an the two parts made into one. The very middle of the flame is a fractal image. The clouds were added with a brush. The flames have smoke coming from them (pretty hard to see) and that too is a brush. The orange on the barn which is suppose to be a reflection of the flame is a brush.

And you can see the rabbit was added and his shadow on the barn is simply his image adjusted for color and contrast to look like a shadow and then that layer taken down to an acceptable opacity.

So it was an image that took a lot of work and maybe it was worth it and maybe it was not... but it was fun to do.

Dodge Truck on the Alaskan Highway 2013

This picture was taken at the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum.

My wife and I went to Alaska this summer (2013). We were crazed. We are both very much alike and we had this drive to GET TO ALASKA!!! It was maybe going to disappear if we didn't hurry!!

Somehow we got ourselves stopped long enough to enjoy the "Fort Nelson Heritage Museum". What a treat! The owner - whose name I'm sorry I don't remember - was an old timer who was very much fun to talk with. As my wife would say "he was a character".

Lots of old trucks and many other relics collected for God knows what reason.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Iced Tree

One of those days where the weather leaves a coat of ice on everything.

Do you see the large bird in the tree?

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