Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Invasion of the White Barn Occupiers

This picture was hard. The bunny and the weird space ship were easy. Painting in the barn was hard.

Posting two pictures today!!!

This picture is one from the middle of the day. I used a Topaz labs plug in to convert it to night and then masked out most of the foreground night lighting.

This picture has many elements. The alien space craft is one flame. It has been duplicated and flipped an the two parts made into one. The very middle of the flame is a fractal image. The clouds were added with a brush. The flames have smoke coming from them (pretty hard to see) and that too is a brush. The orange on the barn which is suppose to be a reflection of the flame is a brush.

And you can see the rabbit was added and his shadow on the barn is simply his image adjusted for color and contrast to look like a shadow and then that layer taken down to an acceptable opacity.

So it was an image that took a lot of work and maybe it was worth it and maybe it was not... but it was fun to do.

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