Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Buggy near Shipshe

Amish Buggy near Shipshewana, IN.

This picture is taken from "The Pumpkin Vine". If you live around here you would know what that means. There once was a rail road that connected the small towns around here. I guess it twisted and turned like a pumpkin vine does. The railroad was closed and the place where its tracks were was converted to a liner park. However with all the Amish it has become a second way to get to work by bicycle, so it is not only for recreation... which is good.

You have to have a long lens to be able to shoot across the farm fields to get pictures on the road.

The road here is so close to the house that no one recognizes this house when they see it pictured like this. The angle is wrong from the perspective of passing it in a car or buggy.

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