Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Amish Buggy Black and White Effects with Textures

What a romantic title "Amish Buggy Black and White Effects with Textures". Makes you want to be there doesn't it.

I like the pictures where the roads are wet and you get a reflection. ON this particular day it was also foggy which gives a different "feel" to things.

This picture was taken at a four way stop between Millersburg and Middlebury, Indiana. I removed one of the stop signs. The black and white effect seemed to fit the picture more than did color. The textured layer effects are two. One is my favorite which I created and will post one of these days for download. It is a picture of a BIG patch of mold. It works great as a "spotchy" texture.

My wife saw this picture and the first thing she said was "did the horse really have a sway back like that"?. I didn't notice the horse's back... did you? And since I didn't fool with his back, I guess, "yeah" that is how his back looked.

OH, and Happy New Year!!!

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