Friday, January 3, 2014

Old Barn Snowy Day

I've lost some images. I am going through files looking for them. It is like when you go to look for one thing and then you find another, and then another... and hours later you stop and think to yourself, why am I here??? What was it I came to look for?

So  I found this barn. It was taken with the D300 which now lives in Colorado with my sister. What a good camera!!!

The picture was almost black and white to begin with because of the cold snowy day and the bleakness of the time we have here in the upper central part of the U.S. So going entirely to BW was not a stretch. Settling on a contrast and exposure that looked best was a challenge and this is where I ended up. Sometimes the trees in the tree line can be so dark that the foreground image disapears into them so that was a concern.

The branch reaching into the frame from the right, is something normally avoided but in this case looked pretty cool (to my mind). I like  the snow on top of the branch because it sets the branch off as separate from the other elements.

So there it is. The "half naked" barn.

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