Thursday, January 9, 2014

Swingers Paradise Lost

Pam and I went to a La Grange County park to take a walk yesterday in hopes of bird pictures, maybe a deer, a rabbit or something. We got zilch, nothing, nada, zero. But out of the window of the truck we got a buggy picture, a horse picture and this tree picture.

... but we got our exercise walking in the snow.

I love this picture, the snow on the tire and on the tree limbs and how it blends in with the sky and the ground. And I like the log cut off to the right.

This has a "vignette" added. You usually see these as dark but this one is light. I tried to make it hardly noticeable. And since the day and the subjects were largely "black and white" I made it official with the application of the correct software filters.

I hope you like the image.

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