Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Amish Buggy Shipshewana Feb 2014

I was mistaken for an escaped convict while taking this picture.

Lots of folks are trying to leave Northern Indiana now because we are getting one snow after the other and temperatures are less than zero most nights.

Maybe you saw it on the National News the other night, there was a man who broke out of a maximum security jail in Michigan and made his way here. Maybe he headed here because we are South and South is theoretically warm(er). On the other hand, if you look at a map of Michigan you can't go any other direction but South or you hit a big lake, so South was pretty much his only choice.

We know he was here because he stole a car and abandon it in town. That and the police told us to not open our doors unless it was them. So folks who usually don't lock their doors were doing so.

I decided to go and take pictures. I was wading through snow drifts off the road when a pick-up truck started giving me the eye ball. I would walk right and they would drive along so as to see me. I'd go left and they would put their truck in reverse back down the road to follow my movements. From a distance I must look like an escapee.

I didn't get arrested.

The trouble I go to to make art!!

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