Friday, February 21, 2014

Pam Goes to a Dog Show

We pulled into an RV park today. It is the most upscale RV park we’ve been in and our RV was diminutive by comparison to the houses on wheels parked here. This is obviously a park where folks come in October and stay until the thaw “up North” allows them to return.

At about the same time of our arrival they were getting ready for a dog show. All the people from the RV park were taking their dogs to the club house area to see whose was “the best” and everyone seems to have a dog.

As you may or may not know when you park an RV you have to connect and plug in water, electricity and sometimes sewer. Today we also had to replace a water filter in addition to the normal installations.

Pam decided to go to the dog show with my full support as the RV parking thing is pretty routine.

On her return Pam reported that a small dog named Jelly Bean was the winner of the show. Jelly Bean dressed for the event wearing a “tutu” and some kind of hat. Jelly Bean’s opponents were pedestrian in their appearance: some wore nothing at all!! In the talent portion of the contest she (Jelly Bean, not Pam) was able to stand on her back legs and go in one direction and then reverse and go in the opposite direction, which is apparently a great achievement in the RV dog park contest circuit.

As I fiddled with the RV I saw some of the contestants headed for the contest. One looked like it has run full speed into a brick wall at a young age. In its then immature state its nose was pushed into its skull and remained there. Some of the other mongrels looked as if their major life achievement was contorting into a position which allows licking remote parts of their anatomy.

One of the dog owners dressed her bulbous self in beads and cheap green veil as though she was the queen of the Mardi Gras, taking away from the appearance of her dog… because no one could see the dog for the owner. I’m sure the judges took this as a major faux pas.

The dog show judges rendered their opinion on each and every dog. Instead of simply giving “Gold, Silver and Bronze” they said, “This dog is last and this one is next to last” and worked their way up the ranks. So it was certain that feelings would be hurt as everyone loves their dog and no one wants their dog to be “last”. 

As we walked this evening we ran into the owner of the last place dog who recognized Pam and offered without prompting the fact that her dog could not be last. No way. 

I wonder if the dog will now need counseling.

The judges said that the economic times are tight in the RV dog contest world so there was only one prize which was a small bag of “goodies”.

Monday there is a cooking contest that revolves around soup. I hope the dogs stay home.

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