Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pam's Nemesis

Pam's nemesis.

The squirrels have become immune to Pam's pellet gun (see the post about her gun earlier in this blog). She has her desk at the window where she can watch birds and see the lake, but the squirrels have been trying to get to the bird feeders and are chasing away the birds. The squirrels must be stopped!!!

They apparently have no short term memory. They forget they just tried "that". "That" may be jumping from the ground then trying to climb up the pole and around the squirrel guard, or jump from the tree, or jump from the house or jump from the bush. They jump and climb, over and over and over again and fail, fail, fail. They try for hours. And each attempt is with great animal enthusiasm.

Then one struck upon  the solution Instead of perching on the edge nearest the pole and jumping he backed down into the bush and make a running jump. Success bred success and he soon could make the jump "at will".

This is not good for "Annie Oakley" (Miss. Pam).

This was a "game changer". Pam had to go the Amish bird store in Topeka yesterday to buy a new feeder. The first thing the lady tried to sell her was that "slinky" thing. Pam has already tried that and the squirrels adapted to it. She bought a new feeder that has springs on it that make shuts the holes to the feeder when the weight of the squirrel is on the feeder. We have wily squirrels. I'll let you know if they figure out the new feeder and what Pam will do in response if they do.

This picture is one of the many failed attempts.

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