Friday, March 7, 2014

Ocean Creature

My wife and I are "land lubbers". We don't get to the ocean very much. She found a sea shell on the beach. It was one that curled up on itself into a spiral and was very pretty. So she picked it up admiring it's shape and color and was telling me how she was going to take it home. As an aside, we got the RV out of storage in February and found rocks from our last trip which was early summer last year. We collect valuable artifacts from Mother Nature and then store them in the belly of the RV. In my mind this shell was destine to travel the US in the belly of an RV.

I suggested she clean the shell inside and out maybe putting it into bleach or something. As we discussed the "pros and cons" of bleaching a shell I heard a shriek / yelp! A little critter had come out of the shell and was clawing at her hand. She didn't know what it was but when she saw that little critter he was unceremoniously returned to the sea.

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